Appletree Story

Appletree Garden Services – How the company got it’s name…

Appletree Garden Services is a family run gardening company named after a well-established apple tree belonging to the founder of Appletree Garden Services, County Durham, North East of England. This apple tree was originally grown from seed during the 1980’s as part of a junior school project at Sedgefield Hardwick Primary School. After placing apple seeds into polystyrene cups filled with soil, Andrew and the rest of his classmates all watched as their apple seeds grew and transformed into tiny apple tree seedlings. Growing an apple tree from seed can be a fun activity for the whole family – children and adults alike!

To grow your own apple tree from seed, you will need:

  • Apple seeds
  • Paper towels / Kitchen Roll
  • A cup
  • Soil / Compost
  • A pot
  • Water

1) Save the seeds from the next apple that you eat. Or carefully cut an apple in half and remove all of the seeds first before eating.

On average only 30% of your seeds will germinate, so you might want take seeds from a few apples to increase your chances.

Lay all the seeds out to dry. Make sure there is no moisture left out the outer shell of each seed.

Apple Seeds


Wrap all of the seeds into a few damp paper towels and put them in the fridge.

Apple Seeds in paper towel


Leave the seeds in the fridge for one month. It is important to check often during this time and make sure that the towel is still wet.
If you think it’s starting to go dry, add a little more water.

Apple Seeds in fridge


After your apple seeds have spent one month in the fridge, they should have little white shoots coming out of them. If so, this means they are ready to be planted!

Apple Seed Germination


Fill a cup 3/4 with soil or compost. Any cup will do and the disposable plastic or polystyrene ones will work fine.

Apple Seed in plastic cup


Drop the seeds into the cup and cover with soil. If you have alot of seeds, use more than one cup!
Water the apple seeds, keeping the soil nicely moist but not too wet and don’t allow the soil to dry out completely.
Position each cup on a window ledge or near to sunlight.

Apple Seeds on window ledge


Watch the apple seedlings transform and grow!


Before each apple seedling outgrows it’s cup, transfer to a larger pot. Use a new pot for every seedling. Continue to water daily.

water daily


When your apple tree seedlings are around 30 – 60 cm high, they will be ready to plant into the ground.

Apple tree sapling


Look for a suitable place to plant your apple tree. Somewhere will full sun exposure and with a good amount of space – not too near to any other trees works best.

Planting an apple tree sapling


Remember that this is only a basic guide! If you are serious about producing apples that you can enjoy each year then before you plant your apple tree seedling in the ground, you will need to seek further advice on grafting, pruning, proper care and maintenance of apple trees. Growing good, edible apples can be quite a challenge, but there are many good books and resources available to you, so be prepared to do your research.

On the other hand, if you are happy to view this activity as an experiment, then plant away! You can expect that your apple tree will eventually reach a height of around 10 – 20ft or so and in time it will hopefully come to bear fruit. Be patient though, as the process of this can take many years!